Here is what some of our former attendees have to say.

I've done acting throughout my life, but when I started doing voiceover recordings for the advertising agency I work at, I quickly realized that voice acting required an entirely different skill set that I did not have. I knew there was something lacking in my performances that kept me from sounding natural and relatable. That's why I was so excited to find out about Marni and Jack's workshop. After just two classes, I felt like my understanding of voice over techniques had greatly improved, and I felt much more comfortable in front of the microphone. Marni and Jack helped me figure out what was unique about my particular voice, and how best to utilize it. They also taught me the dos and don't of voice acting, and how best to identify and drive home the crucial elements of any script. Since taking their class, the amount of commercials I have been asked to record has greatly increased, and I find I have to do fewer takes than I did before. I now feel much more effective and qualified. I would highly recommend their workshops to anyone that is interested in doing any kind of voice acting.

Colleen S.

I have taken VO workshops in the past and found Jack and Marni's to be by far the most thorough, knowledgable, and comfortable. They really know their stuff and give honest and helpful feedback. I left feeling like I could turn to them for advice and guidance at any time during my Voiceover career.If you have any interest in VO, I can't recommend this course enough!

Aja B.

I have been interested in voiceover to help improve my speaking skills for the last few years and taking Marni and Jack ’s voiceover class has been the best training I have received, especially if you are interested in learning about voiceover. Marni and Jack are wonderful teachers and knows their stuff. I highly recommend them!

Michelle B.

As an actor and voice over artist, I am always looking to improve my craft and expand my capabilities and skills in the entertainment industry. Although I have done several voice over spots, you can never stop improving. After researching on the internet several voice over coaches and schools (both in LA and Sacramento), and talking with many of my working peers, I narrowed it selection down to Marni Webb and Jack Barry. Their techniques, teaching styles and complete positive promotion of each student’s individual abilities and skills and levels has won me over. I am going to continue my voice over skills and make it a staple of my goals and career.

James M.